The Campfire is the age old endeavor where the battle is often lost before the fire has even begun. SelfbuttonOrderBig defeat with wet wood, kindling or no kindling. With Green Light Fire Bag you simply tear open one side, use the matches included and light the fire bag. Gently stoke as needed. With Green Light Fire Bag you retain the glory as the fire glows!


Because happiness is a campfire. Green Light Fire Bag provides the sounds and smells of an authentic fire. Best part, you can use Green Light Fire Bag indoors or outdoors. There is something special about cooking meals over a fire, bonding , telling stories . Watching children smear melted chocolate into their clothes while adults try to teach young impatient children the art of a perfectly toasted marshmallow as they singe their marshmallows to a crispy black.


guaranteeHere at Green Light Fire Bag we sell authentic fires, packaged in recycled livestock feed-sacs, free of chemicals or accelerants. Our USDA approved kiln dried firewood, is real firewood, safe to cook over each and everytime. Because its USDA approved firewood, you can feel safe knowing your not spreading any pests or disease. Plus, in our convenient, portable fire bags, your house, vehicle, RV or campsite is clean, no firewood debris. With Green Light Fire Bag you enjoy a real fire for about 60 minutes with warm glowing coals for about 2 hours. Our specially designed fire bag is "just the right size" fire, without excessive flames.


Why do we sell complete fires? At Green Light Fire Bag we don't seek to sell you a fire, we seek to provide you with an ability to make memories with time honored tradition with an eco-friendly commitment.


We sell authentic campfires that slowly burn, providing that coal bed of glowing red and blue with an occasional pop and crackle as air escapes. Green Light Fire Bag provides those special moments, where you stay up late laughing the night away or simply staring into the flickering flames back and forth. Maybe you'll just close your eyes and enjoy the klaidescope of sorts as the yellow and orange flames illuminate through your eye lids. There is nothing like relaxing and staring into the warm glow of an authentic fire and with Green Light Fire Bag its utter simplicity!


Let Green Light Fire Bag take you back to a simpler time, even if just for 60 minutes! So come on, won't you join us? Create new memories that only you and those you share it with will have. Green Light Fire Bag. Fires that Burn. Memories that Last.


100% money back guarantee  and proudly made in the USA!

We are proud to announce our partnership with the various campgrounds and RV parks located in the Southeast.  If your favorite park is not listed, please have your park master please contact us!

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Green Light Fire Bag, LLC is a result of countless lost time looking for firewood when we should have been making memories.  In order to spend more time where it counts, we hope you will make more memories using a Green Light Fire Bag. More info...

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